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We are into both native and corporate wears which include shoes, bags, etc

We have been in this business for quite a while before coming to EDC. I am someone who believes in hard work and no matter what you do, your hard work remains with you; this is what prompted me to attend the entrepreneurship training. I must confess that it is an eye opener.

I design, make hat, beads and tie head gear for whatever occasion. Another thing I enjoy in the EDC is that before I came for the training, I rarely took note of profit and loss, stock and how to approach customers as well as follow-up, networking business and most especially the business plans.

EDC has really helped my business. I have been able to recruit 3 staff to keep pace with the volume of business since I took corrective measures over the lapses stated above.

Esther Abiola A. Sonaya, CEO of Biobio 'Toun Home of Fashion

I had been marketing my products with my car before now. Though I opened my boutique in March 2009, business was still at the low side until my husband brought the EDC adverts in Guardian Newspapers to me at home.

Before the training, I was not keeping records of what came in or what went out of my boutique. I was not paying myself and I was always dipping my hands into the business money. But since I joined EDC, I have been taught the importance of record keeping, stock taking and the need to pay myself even as the owner of the business.

Now I keep daily records, take daily stock and also pay myself. I have also employed a sales manager who I also pay. I also plan to open another branch soon because of the volume of business.

The training also taught me how to be unique. In this wise, I discovered my competitors buy their stocks mostly from UK, Dubai and US. In trying to be unique, I have located another market and even my competitors scramble to pick the product to their shops. I have also printed business cards for myself and sales manager and I am planning to design website where people can order online. These are uniquely my ideas garnered from EDC training.

Mrs. Olunike Nwokoro, CEO of DpiLuk Enterprises

I thank God for the EDC text message I received that brought me back to my feet because I was doing this yam trading with a friend without a proper or concrete documentation agreement.

The training acquired from the centre has really equipped me to face a number of challenges in my business. I came to EDC thinking that I can access loan to start up my own business but the experience gained from the centre has greatly influenced me to know how to write business plans, register my business, it has indeed equipped me for proper business negotiation and agreement documentation and my leadership skills have been sharpened.

Now we have started 60 heaps per 100 lines in Abeda village, Ugba, Benue State, that is 6000 yam tubers farmland cultivation and the planting will commerce by April 2010.

Elijah Ojo, CEO, Elijah Agro Ventures

I am a retired Customs officer. I attended the executive weekend programme of EDC after participating in a training on agriculture and livestock management. I needed more than that. With EDC training, I have broadened my frontiers. EDC has good materials. I love the business plan defense session. This is more than just a story; I have secured my business through EDC training.

Omosun Frank

I am a graduate of Olabisi Onabanjo University, I enrolled at the EDC in July 2009 because I was idle and wanted to prove myself. Being part of the entrepreneurship programme was the best decision I have ever taken in my life.

Now, I have an increased confidence in myself and i have started my own business of packaging dry soup ingredients of Nigerian origin for sale. With just N5,000.00 (Five thousand Naira), I have been able to start a business with prospects of fetching a turnover of N850,000 (Eight hundred and fifty thousand Naira) in 18 months. For this, I am grateful to CBN/ALF for their initiative to encourage ordinary people like me to become worthy entrepreneurs.

Fasina Olamide

Diligent Hands Vocational Institute is a dynamic goal oriented centre established to war against joblessness, unemployment syndrome, create room for self discovery, development and opportunity to make each trainee an employer of labour.  We run workshops, training, seminars and exhibition for all classes of people. Before coming to EDC, I realised I needed a business development training to enhance and effect the much needed expansion.

My expectation was not lost at all as the EDC training really gave me more focus, a much needed ingredient for expansion. I also learnt financial management in plain terms and I now know how to run my business better.

Bolanle Babarinde, Director, Diligent Hands International

I am a former coach with Ondo State Sport Council, an Ondo Prince and father to the popular Yoruba actor, Funso Adeolu. I registered with EDC with a view to expanding my business. The training I received at EDC has helped me to expand my business. I love the leadership and idea generation sessions. They have influenced my business positively.

Adegeye Ife














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