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    Africa Leadership Forum Secretariat




The Forum pursues its objectives in a variety of ways, encompassing different approaches and modalities so as to build and improve on leadership skills, experience and exposure in all walks of life, such as:

a) Exposing African leaders to recognised and accomplished leaders from within and outside Africa so as to exchange views in an informal setting and to partake in their specific experience particularly in an African environment;

b) Arranging seminars, meeting sand face-to-face encounters on emerging key issues bringing together African leaders in an effort to focus both on global questions with a direct bearing on Africa and on problems of a sub-regional or regional character;

c) Organizing events in different African countries and at locations of international organisations, where appropriate, to accomplish a broad outreach;

d) Disseminating widely findings and proposals on priority issues so as to induce decision-makers in Africa and other continents to address the problems and take appropriate action;

e) Involving both well-know personalities and the younger generation, mostly uninducted to international exchanges and co-operation, drawn from a network which will gradually be built through recommendations and identification by experienced personalities;

f) Holding a bi-monthly Farmhouse Dialogues at the Forum Center in Ota, Nigeria, to discuss issues of a more national interest which may have wider relevance and ramifications for other African countries.

g) Publication of a journal of leadership and development for wide distribution and circulation amongst Africans and non-Africans. The journal carries articles and analysis on African or Africa-related problems and in-depth/detailed interviews with accomplished leaders.

h) To organise workshop and seminars at the national, sub-regional or continental level for specific young professional and interest groups for the purpose of widening and deepening experience, contacts, exposure and the practice of their profession and civic responsibilities and for the encouragement of entrepreneurship, self-employment and job creation.

Each programme may include lecturers, panel discussions, small group discussions, case studies and/or simulations as well as field visits.

To disseminate recommendations and conclusions reached at conferences of the Forum, in addition to wide mailing and circulation to, and networking with, personalities and institutions, small missions may be dispatched to African countries to sensitize and apprise Government and non-government leaders and relevant groups and organizations with a view to soliciting their support, endorsement and eventual adoption of proposed measures and policies. The journal African Forum is also an instrument of dissemination and communication.

Other mechanisms and modalities have emerged over time.














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