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100 Professionals Enroll for Entrepreneurship Training



Africa Leadership Forum Secretariat

No less than 100 selected professionals on Monday began entrepreneurship training at the Entrepreneurship Development Centre (EDC), Lagos, under the centre’s partnership with the Spark School of Entrepreneurship (SSE), the Project Director of the EDC, Lagos, Mr. Ayodele Aderinwale, has said.

Represented by Mr. Adeoba Ojekunle, Training Manager of EDC, Lagos, at the inaugural session of the programme held at the EDC training centre in Ikeja, Lagos, Mr Aderinwale said the partnership between EDC, Lagos and SSE was initiated about six months ago when the organisations “started looking at ways to work together to tackle the problem of poverty and unemployment”.

“The objective is to encourage young people to adopt entrepreneurship as an employment option,” Mr. Aderinwale said. Speaking on the relevance of the programme to the trainees, many of whom are employed in the formal sector, Mr. Aderinwale said, “Our education prepares us for the job market but of course we know that more people are losing their jobs than those gaining employment in the labour market.

“We know that majority of our people are under-paid in their employment areas, with graduates earning monthly salary of N10, 000, N15, 000 or N20, 000. 

“The current minimum wage which many states are still struggling with is not big enough for one to achieve his life dreams. And that shows us that we have to look inwards.”

Mr Aderinwale listed some of the programmes available to the trainees.
“We have the graduate entrepreneurship development training, targeted at university graduates and HND certificate holders. It is a four-week training programme. The second product, non-graduate entrepreneurship development training, is targeted at OND and school certificate holders. Basically, it is the same curriculum with the graduate programme, but it is broken down in more digestible format so that participants can comprehend. The third product is the Managerial Enhancement Programme for Artisans, a one-week training targeted at master artisans, petty traders, mechanics, painters, and people who have low level of education.”

Speaking after the inaugural session, some trainees expressed their joy at being admitted into the programme. Kayode Olusola, a banker, said he enrolled in the programmed because he hopes to gain managerial skills to set up his business.

“When you work at a bank, you have many opportunities to access soft loans. I have seen many of my colleagues misuse loans they take to set up businesses,” Mr Olusola said. ‘This is why I am hoping to gain knowledge here on how to utilize the funds I may have for my business. I don’t want to go the same route as my other unsuccessful colleagues.”

The EDC Lagos is one of the three entrepreneurial development centres in the country established by the Central Bank of Nigeria as a pilot project to curb growing unemployment in the country. EDC Lagos covers the South West region of the country and is operated by the Africa Leadership Forum. The two other centres are EDC, Kano operated by the Opportunities Industrialization Centers International (OICI) and EDC, Onitsha, operated by the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.














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