About us

About ALF

ALF's involvement with leadership development spans its 25 years existence. ALF workshop Alumni have become political and business leaders in Nigeria, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Republic of Benin and Namibia among others.

In addition to this ALF has organized training conferences, workshops and capacity building sessions for young and old leaders at various levels.

ALF had been involved in policy advocacy and research activities that have been of tremendous benefit to Nigeria and the continent of Africa.


♣  To encourage the diagnosis, understanding and informed search for solutions to local, regional and global problems, taking account of their inter-relationship and mutual consequences, involving both current and future leaders.

♣  To develop, organize and support programmes for the training of able, capable and promising Africans with leadership potential so as to expose them to the demands, duties and obligations of leadership positions to prepare them.


♣  The vision of ALF is to improve quality and performance of Africa in critical position of authority in Africa.