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ALF signs Acquisition Partnership Agreement with LSETF

Posted on June 08 2017

While staying true to its goal of promoting entrepreneurship in Africa, The Africa Leadership Forum has continued to seek for ways to ensuring that opportunities are created for the African Youth. One of such steps has however yielded results as the Forum was named as Acquisition Partners for the beneficiaries of the Lagos State Employment Trust Fund (LSETF) Program.

In a signed letter received by the Executive Director, the LSETF disclosed that the ALF was selected as acquisition partner to participate in the recommendation of beneficiaries for their Micro Enterprise Start-up, Micro Enterprise and SMEs for loan initiative.

The partnership will see the ALF serve as partners for disbursement of funds to beneficiaries and will;

  • Design a credible and transparent process for entrepreneurs based in Lagos to apply for various LSETF loan schemes.
  • The Forum will also create a platform for regular training to prepare the Lagos residents for continuous operation and utilization of the LSETF loan schemes.

The Lagos State N25 billion Employment Trust Fund, will facilitate access to funding, for over 100,000 entrepreneurs in the state. However, training the entrepreneurs is an important part of the process, this is why ALF has been selected as an acquisition partner to ease the process.